An underestimated generation rudely awoken. – the “Sọrọ sokes” at variance with the “Gbẹnu sọuns”.

We are not mere empty coconut heads; these heads hold water! We are a generation of non conventionals, non conformist…the “gbẹnu sọuns” in their hypocrisy, claim way too much morals for a generation that literally ran the giant of africa into the ground. They’ve had their fun in taking turns to misgovern us but still want to die in power?… well, watch out for the 'coconuts'...

Blow your trumpet

The world has changed and has become increasingly fast paced and impatient and ọmọ, if you no show yourself on time; go dey form 'suave Mr', you go carry last; if you don't sell yourself 'on time' , you just might be overlooked or ignored and lose valuable time or opportunities. So as the 'class act' we are, we also need to 'classically' move with the flow...


The service year was long and fulfilling and although cut short and distorted by covid 19, has been perhaps the best time of my life, and indeed THE LEARNING CURVE through...

In these Covid times

Even as optimism sees reality and turns to pessimism and we wonder if the world has truly ended

and the world gasps for air as it calls on the creator, remember that

Chronicles of Anambra – Lagos to Anambra (Story of an Anambra J.J.C) prt I

I get questioned often, by friends and family - through text or call: “how is Anambra?”

For me, it is quite un-ideal to reply this question satisfactorily over a voice call or text because I don’t particularly enjoy much talk, so I usually just go with: ‘fine, okay, not bad, fair enough’
but you are in luck today cos this is neither a voice call nor a conventional text message and I’m actually kind of a talkative writer; so grab your seats, a box of popcorn and let me elaborate...


... Humans are brightly coloured pieces of canvas and by holding on to poor/ incomplete perceptions of each other, we dull the colours and see in black and white and miss out on truly connecting and relating with our wonderful multi complexes.


So here I sit, sprawled on a chair after lifting some rounds of this ugly metal. Sweaty but only a bit sore (used to be much more) and i’m thinking, why do we do this? – voluntarily put ourselves through pain – physical and emotional both, especially considering the fact that my slim figure (frame) hasn’t really picked up on the buffiness...


I was still wondering, “am I to run…or wave…or say “mgbede ?” – (If I remember correctly, that should be good evening in igbo)
As if reading my thoughts, the biggest of the masquerades suddenly broke into a wild run – gunning directly at me.
I heard a voice from heaven say ”JA-PA”...


Valar doaehris, all men must serve.

Must serve the many faced god, perhaps the "living God" or a warm blooded master, maybe even his narcissistic self.

Well, if you are a graduate of a tertiary institution in Nigeria and below the age of 30, you'll be made to serve a certain master too...


Because Man is fond of creating problems, which he then creates solutions to, when he structured a world that became problematic and chaotic to his peace of mind, he followed up with a practice to regulate and control his mind or risk going berserk.

Football, the high!

Although occasionally laced with disappointments, heartaches, outbursts and even all out fights,

Nothing compares to the passion and excitement the game brings;


Does this phrase sound familiar? mmhm, it's the kind of thing you toast to when you think you are about to take your last sip of wine as a 'non-dead human' - if you are Tyrion Lannister of course. (ask a GOT fan for translation). It stuck with me since that S8ep2 episode, not just... Continue Reading →

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